Although to inscribe an intention is to limit the capabilities of what this blog could be, so we’ll keep this site dedicated to all things worth speaking about, namely popular culture (and keeping in the Northwest spirit). For in pop culture lies the direction of our world and to some extent politics is a form of pop culture, however misconstrued. Where and when we are living is changing day-to-day. With such a rapid change comes a superficiality that comes and goes along with the latest trends. The things we hold to be “cool” and “in” seem to best describe the mainstream consciousness and we are here to do it justice in a way that gives respect where it’s due. Covering everything is a daunting task and to try to undertake it would only detract from a true effort in a relevant field. In other words, what we choose to post will mean something, hopefully. If all else fails we will have only our opinions to express and our thoughts to share and our little corner to represent.

Thank you for taking the time to see what this blog have to offer. Our only hope is that we don’t get drowned out by kittens, babies and the Kardashians Honey Boo Boo Duck Dynasty.

It could be argued that “at any given moment, our most complicated machines will be taken as a model of human intelligence, and whatever media kids favor will be identified as the cause of our stupidity” (Adam Gopnick, The New Yorker).